Sea Daffodil A’LA Carte RESTAURANT

Despite being an endemic – species, Sea daffodils which are one of the endangered species of wild fauna and flora because of unconscious activities , villas and urbanization throughout coast, they mostly exist in Mediterranean coasts and sand dunes in south part of Black Sea. Due to its existing in sand dune which spreads from our Practice Hotel to City center, its name is given to our A’ la Carte Restaurant.

Sea Daffodil A’la Carte Restaurant has 130-person capacity and offers wonderful ambiance which communes with Sea daffodils and Sinop city – view between August and October.

In addition to our 238-person capacity Olvido Conference-Hall and 60-person capacity Serenad Meeting-room which include technological items serving for multi-purposes as Conference, Meeting and Seminar, our Sea Daffodil A’la Carte Restaurant can be used as a Meeting-room for 60 people.